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Film review – Bobby Jasoos

Debutante director Samar Shaikh`s `Bobby Jasoos` is an outright Vidya Balan film. The audience is not left in lurch like it happens in many detective/suspense genre films. The plot is simple to understand and you can relate to it.

Hyderabad, the city of Nizams plays a pivotal role other than the lead actress. Once the film takes its pace, the viewer knows that though it is Samar Shaikh`s first offing but that has not stopped the director from doing his homework on the subject. The audience is let inside the typical Hyderabadi middle-class household; from proper `kaiyko aisa kartei` accent to the famous mouth-watering biryanis, you get it all there. The mention of famous 80s show `Karamchand` and her secretary Kitty does bring a faint smile of nostalgia on your face, if you belong to that generation. Humour too has been kept subtle and understated by the maker.

A lot of thought has gone in deciding on the release date of the film as it captures the whole festive season of `Ramzan` too. The city is shown to be engulfed in the festivities of `Eid` and the Hyderabadi delights are given full screen space. For artistically pulling off the works, credit must be given to cinematographer Vishal Sinha.

The screenplay puts forward the unsaid, unspoken strained relationship between Bobby and her father, here played by senior actor Rajendra Gupta, and does make you want to sort out the differences between the two. The turmoil in the father-daughter relationship is well depicted. Class actress Supriya Pathak, who plays the ever-loving mother to Bobby (Vidya) has been characterised as `my-daughter-is-the-best`. The characters have been well-picked by the makers. Kudos for that. We wish Tanvi Azmi and Zarina Wahab had more screen space though.

A special mention here is none other than yesteryear villain Kiran Kumar. With his entry, the tale of `jasoosi` gets interesting. He brings to the plot what usually a grey shade character is expected to, but there is a catch. Bobby hits off her career with his help no doubt, but Anees Khan, played by Kumar does have a past which brings back the memory of riots in Hyderabad. It`s good to see him play roles which suit his calibre after a long time.

The only dissatisfaction however is the music of the film. Shantanu Moitra has tried his best to fit melody in this detective story.
Bobby Jasoos

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