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Illegal parking leads to traffic -jam


khabar India Network, Shivani Nigam – Vehicle, everyone’s dream and becoming common too now a days. Everyone wants to have a vehicle whether a person belongs to the middle class or to higher class. Vehicles are the one which are increasing day by day in every city and Lucknow is also a part of it. Gomti Nagar as we all know is the V.I.P. area of Lucknow and people living there belong to good families but still when it comes to parking we all become illiterate and careless.

Patrakar puram is the shopping hub for Gomti Nagar and the same area has the parking problem a lot. Reason behind this is shops,complex,street, stalls and many other things located on patrakar puram which creates a situation of vehicles fair. Police office is situated in the centre of the chauraha but still no actions are taken. People park their vehicle at any place. Dividers have been made on the chauraha for people to cross the road safely but people park their vehicle on the dividers only creating a mess for walking people. Complexes, shops and offices are in a huge number in patrakar puram chauraha which invites more number of people towards itself and it is also the most busy area of Gomti Nagar and that is why traffic jams are common on patrakar puram chauraha. Police doesn’t take any actions whereas it sits down in their cabin and when the traffic jam becomes heavy then only they come out from their cabin and start solving the traffic problem.

People avoid paying parking charges,if they are on a very short visit.Atleast hundred vehicles are parked illegally everywhere on patrakar puram chauraha and people park their vehicle at any place without caring about thier vehicle security. Parking is available but still people don’t park their vehicle there because they will have to pay ten or twenty rupees for their vehicle security and that’s why vehicle are placed on the believe of god. Common masses do face problem a lot because of this. It creates a very bad situation some times and people get stuck in the jam for hours. The fault belongs to the people only, they can buy heavy vehicle which cost in lacs but don’t have money for giving parking and that’s why vehicles do get stolen sometimes. Few days ago a bike got stolen and no one didn’t even know about it.

One can say people are the responsible for this traffic problem which can be seen everywhere but the only difference is some places have more traffic problems and some have less traffic problems. It is only we have to think about it, no one else.

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